Business License Form

1. Complete Application Below.

2. If you are a Corporation, L.L.C., or L.L.P., you will need to supply a copy of the first page of the Articles of Incorporation or Organization from the Missouri Secretary of State or a Certificate stating you are in good standing with the Missouri Secretary of State.

3. If you are NOT a Corporation, L.L.C. or L.L.P., and the name of your business does not include the owner’s first and last name in the name of the business, you will need to file Fictitious Name Registration with the Secretary of State’s Office toll free at (866) 223-6535 or

4. A copy of your Missouri Retail Sales License AND a "No Tax Due" statement from the Missouri Department of Revenue is required. To obtain a Missouri Retail Sales License, contact the Missouri Department of Revenue at (573) 751- 4450 or

5. If providing food service, an inspection will be required by the health inspector (660) 886- 3434 prior to obtaining a business license.

6. A Certificate of Occupancy Form must be completed and approved by the City Inspector prior to licensing. The City Inspector reserves the right to inspect prior to the approval of the Certificate of Occupancy.

City Clerk reserves the right to review application prior to issuance of license.


Your Occupational License will be due for renewal on March 1st of each year. A ten dollar ($10) penalty is applied at the beginning of each month for licenses that have not been paid by April 1st. If at any time you choose not to obtain your business license or renew your license you will need to contact the Business License Department at (660) 886-2226.

All city taxes, including penalties and interest must be paid before obtaining and renewing licenses.

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**Do you hold a Missouri Retail Sales License with the Missouri Department of Revenue?
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If you answeered "Yes" you must provide us with a copy of your Missouri Retail Sales License and "No Tax Due" statement from the Missouri Department of Revenue.
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**Signature of Applicant:       Date:  03-26-17